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Company Formation

Forming a limited companycompany_formation

To form a company in Ireland the following 3 documents must be filed with the Companies Registration Office, who will charge you €100 for same.

  1. Form A1 **
  2. Memorandum of Association
  3. Articles of Association

** Must be signed in the presence of a solicitor

How we can help!

After an initial meeting at which we collate the necessary information regarding the directors, and who will own the share capital, we prepare the above 3 documents.  One of the directors will be required to sign a declaration on form A1 in the presence of a solicitor (this is a straight forward process which can often be done on spec.  You will need to bring photo I.D passport/drivers license and the form A1.  This service normally costs no more then €10)

Our Fee: €200 plus Vat ( excludes €100 Companies Registration Office charge)

New Company – opening a bank account and registering for tax

In approximately 10 working days the company will receive the “Certificate of Incorporation”. This Certificate along with a signed copy of the Memorandum and articles of association will be required by the bank to allow an account to be opened in the company’s name (along with the directors I.D and proof of address).

The company can also be registered with the Revenue Commissioners for whatever taxes it may be liable to at this point.

Form A1Memorandum of AssociationArticles of Association


Form A1 requires you to give details of the company name, its registered office, details of secretary and directors, their consent to acting as such, the subscribers and details of their shares.

It incorporates a statutory declaration that the requirements of the Companies Acts have been complied with, and as to the activity which the company is being formed to engage in.

This document sets out the conditions upon which the company is granted incorporation. It must contain provisions dealing with certain matters e.g. the name and objects of the company and, if it is a company with limited liability, that fact must also be stated. The memorandum must be in accordance with, or as near as circumstances permit, to the appropriate table in the First Schedule to the Companies Act 1963.
This document sets out the rules under which the company proposes to regulate its affairs. Articles are required to be registered by a company limited by guarantee and having a share capital or an unlimited company. Articles must be printed and divided into paragraphs and numbered consecutively.