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Accounting Software and Book-keeping

bookkeepingFor many small businesses, the administration and book-keeping is often done last thing in the evening or on weekends, when they are not dealing with their own customers.

There are usually two approaches to the book-keeping.  The client will keep their own books either manually, using excel, or using an accounting software package, or, the client will outsource to an accountant/book-keeper.  Both options have their merits and the decision about which option to choose usually comes down to time available and cost.

Whichever option you decide upon to maintain your books, your objectives should be as follows:-

  • Not to over complicate things
  • Avoid making it difficult for your accountant to follow, as more time spent sorting out poorly maintained books will increase costs
  • Get the best use out of the books to assist you in running your business

Our Services include the following:-

  • Assistance in setting up your financial details on a software package, and ensuring you are starting off correctly
  • Review of books/software reports early in the year and ensuring you are on track
  • Outsourced book-keeping service, and management accounts service

If you feel that this may assist you, please contact us for a no obligation, review of your current arrangement, and our suggested recommendations.